Partner with us to “end homelessness, 1 person at a time” in 2016!


The New Hope Ministry Park opened it’s doors in February of 2012 with the mission to “End homelessness, one person at a time.” The Ministry Park provides shelter to those in need with the ultimate goal of helping individuals and families to get jobs and find more permanent living situation by accessing community resources. Since opening the Ministry Park has provided shelter for 293 Adults and 62 children. In 2015 there was a total of 411 overnight stays. 2014 was our busiest year to date with 1260 overnight stays!


Your donation will assist with the utility bills, cleaning supplies, and basic food items/hygiene products for clients to ensure we can continue to serve the community! 

Your Donation Helps!


Sponsor a bed for 1 month  


6 months  


1 YEAR!  



Acknowledgement Levels

Up to $50 = Bronze Level

     $100 = Silver Level

   $600 = Gold Level

       $1200 = Platinum Level


Any Purchases you make on Amazon please use this link and NHMP will recieve 0.5% of the sale!

Online Donation Form

Note: Credit card payments take out 3% of the donation amount for processing and e-checks take out 1%.

We use bluefire for our payment processing

Example: if you give $100, $3 of the $100 will go to fees for the online service and for an echeck $1 of a $100 will go to fees.

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